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Board of directors & directorship responsibilities

Continental Airlines: Continental Airlines: Elected to the Board of Directors as a “bridge” Director acceptable to the two differing and contentious ownership factions in 1981, Mr. Sakowitz continued as a member of the board and it´s Compensation Committee after the takeover of its control by Texas Air Corporation. A member of the Special Evaluation Committee in 1982, he chaired the Committee on Privatization to negotiate against Texas Air Corp. for the purchase of the remaining twenty percent of the outstanding equity shares still in the public´s hands, from mid-1985 until the end of 1986. Due in part to the nature of the structure of two different forms of fairness opinions on pricing that were instituted by the Committee for the company, the committee and the company successfully defended all fairness opinion challenges. Serving throughout numerous mergers, acquisitions and two Chapter 11 proceedings, he continued as a Director until company´s emergence in 1993 with Air Partners and Air Canada.

Texas American Bank-Galleria: After serving as an organizing shareholder and a founding director of the Galleria Bank in 1969/1970, he was appointed Chairman of the Marketing committee, and was actively involved on either the Loan and Discount Committee or the Executive Committee every year, continuing after the profitable sale of the Bank to Texas American Bank shares. Mr. Sakowitz continued to serve in those capacities for a total of thirteen years, after which he resigned to accept the appointment to membership of the Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Houston Branch: Served as a member, board of Directors (1983-1986) and as Chairman (1985) of the Houston Branch.

Morse Shoe Corporation: As a non-management member of the Board of Directors in 1974, he was instrumental in policy changes leading to vertical integration of this shoe manufacturing company, creating and successfully concentrating on converting the focus to the Fayva retail shoe shop expansion (led to thirty-fold profit increase); he was a member of the Audit and Compensation Committees; and selected as Chairman of the Search Committee for a new company chairman, President and CEO, 1982-1993, serving until a management Leveraged Buy-Out privatized the company in 1987.

Tungtex Manufacturing Company Hong Kong: Mr. Sakowitz structured and co-founded an apparel manufacturing company in 1977 for men´s furnishings, later expanding into women´s apparel. Assisted in overall direction and successful growth of the company until he sold his half-interest to the daily operations management partner in 1985.

Societe Viticole Europeenne, Luxembourg: As a Director from 1981 – 1987 of this real estate and vineyard company with wine producing properties in Bordeaux, France, Brunello di Montalcino, Italy and Valdepenas, Spain, Mr. Sakowitz was involved in strategic planning, marketing of the products and the eventual sale of all properties.

Fresh Brew Group: 1995-present, Manager Member, Partner and Director of this products and services company with Gold Medal Award-winning coffee roasting and blending capabilities, as well as a regional snacks and beverages vending operation. Retained to assist in the creation of start-up marketing plan and distribution system and develop strategic plan. Continuing ongoing strategy oversight and marketing consulting responsibilities.

DI Central, Inc.: An electronic data interchange (EDI) software company with offices in the U.S. and Vietnam, the company services more than 400 clients including McKesson Pharma, Men’s Wearhouse and JC Pennys, connecting with more than 2,500 suppliers throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Independent Member of the Board of Directors.

Real Estate development projects: Real Estate development projects with active partnership participation in planning and marketing:

Dallas: Village on the Parkway
San Antonio: 4 M Development Co.
Tulsa: Kensington

City of Houston, Industrial Development Corporation: Founding Member, Board of Directors (1982-1985). Active in strategic planning, organization and marketing of structure for encouragement and usage of Industrial Development Bonds for urban redevelopment.

City of Houston, Health Facilities Development Corporation

The Harris County Improvement District No. 1: Founding member; Board of Directors, 1987-1994. Actively worked with this organization for the financial and marketing development of Uptown Houston as a separate taxing authority and bonding entity.

Houston City Magazine: Founding Board of Directors and Executive Committee, 1982-1985.

Texas Sportsworld Magazine: Co-founder and Board of Directors, 1982-1985.

White House National Conference on Small Business, 1980: Elected as Co-Chairman, 1978-1980, to organize and develop a plan representing the region for the forthcoming Washington Conference. He helped to organize the effort whereby the Committee crafted fifteen proposals to be circulated and discussed nationally by all the other regional delegations. Five of these fifteen Southwest Proposals were written into the final President Report. For this accomplishment, Mr. Sakowitz was invited by President Carter to the signing of the Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980 at the White House.

Texas State Conference on Small Business 1981: Following the successful White House Conference (Democratic), he was subsequently asked to serve Governor Clemens (Republican) as Vice-Chairman for a State Conference, and implement a similar program.

Houston Chamber of Commerce & Greater Houston Partnership: Helped initiate the creation of and subsequently chaired both the Cultural Affairs and Small Business Committees, and was a member of the Board of Directors at various times over the span of twenty years (1971-1991), assisting in the creation, organization, marketing and institutionalization of the Houston International Festival, the Small Business Committee, The Combined Corporate Arts Campaign and the Business for the Arts Fund.

Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau: A director since 1981, he accepted the Chairmanship for the two terms 1990-1991 and 1991-1992, and assisted in guiding the complete restructuring of the Bureau. During his watch, the city successfully planned and implemented the Republican National Convention.

The American Institute for Public Service: The National Jefferson Awards - AIPS: As one of the founding organizers in 1972, Mr. Sakowitz has continued to serve on the Board of Selectors of the Institute, and on its Executive Committee and Board of Governers. He also currently chairs the Finance Committee.

The Michael C. Rockefeller Fellowships Administrative Board at Harvard University.

Houston International Festival: As a Founding Director, 1970-present. Mr. Sakowitz assisted in guiding this citywide event from partial outgrowth of the Sakowitz store Festival to an internationally recognized multi-cultural celebration. While a member of the Executive Committee, he also served as Chairman of the Country Selection Committee to negotiate the honored country´s involvement with the city.

Other national and regional awards INCLUDE: Inaugural recipient of the “International Businessman of the Year” award conferred by the International Trade Center of Houston, 2011.
First recipient of the “Mayor’s Award of Excellence for International Arts and Culture,” conferred by Houston Mayor Anise Parker, 2010.
Golden Buckle Award, Greater Houston Visitors and Convention Bureau, 1987
City of Houston, Annual Anniversary Celebration Award, 1985
City of Hope Hospital, Denver, Spirit of Life Award, 1984
National Jewish Hospital and Research Center, Humanitarian Award, 1983
Northwood Institute of America, Ten Outstanding National Business Leaders Award, 1981
National Ileitis & Colitis Foundation, Great Texan Award, 1975
International Best Dressed List 1970-1975,
Hall of Fame 1975
American Academy of Achievement Award, 1973

Media spokes-person: Both during his tenure at Sakowitz, and subsequently in other venues, Mr. Sakowitz has been a frequent spokes-person for the retail and other consumer industries, appearing in all forms of media including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, international magazines, newspapers, and radio. Speaking venues have been numerous domestic and international conventions, seminars, business and social forums. Mr. Sakowitz assisted in initiating BizRadio KXYZ 1320 in Houston, Texas, hosting a one hour radio talk show, weekdays Monday through Friday, entitled “Strategies with Sakowitz”. He remains a frequent guest commentator.

In 2010, he was invited by the National Apparel Manufacturers to address the Beijing Fashion forum on “The Drivers of Global Trends” and “How to Enhance Chinese Brands,” published later that year in Chinese in “Seeking For Fashion Orientation.”

Other personal data:

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
B.A. cum laude, History, 1960
U.S. Air Force (active) Reserve 1961-1966.

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