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A word from CEO, President,

Welcome to Hazak. For over seventeen years Hazak has provided consulting services to companies in a diverse number of industries. Although largely involved with consumer-oriented business, the development and implementation of business strategies and marketing concepts have extended to many other arenas as well.

Whether it has been any of the following Hazak has helped: Governance and assistance with turnarounds, corporate reorganizations including chapter II; intervening in law suits and creating totally new business concepts to achieve resolution: shopping center lease negotiations while developing an overall strategic client vision creating financial restructuring plants and finding new sources of capital: analysis and development of physical layout in retail operations to improve productivity…

Whether it's examining the edges, sides, corner, tops, bottom and content of the box that management or ownership gives, sees or is looking outside the box, Hazak has often provided the appropriate sounding board for stymied situations. . From startups to successful giants, clients have retained Hazak to assist with special situations. In some cases they are time-specified projects to be achieved; in others the company has been retained in an on-going basis. It has been said that our “business wisdom” comes from judgment and knowledgement tempered by our deep and diverse experience.

Hazak loves to meet and better the challenges of an ever changing business world.

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