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retail, fashion apparel, restaurant, and consumer goods:

Saks Fifth Avenue. Internationally recognized Fashion Specialty Store. After analysis of location, lease and litigation challenges,
create a new strategy and retail concept to successfully overcome
the situation. Establish credibility of the ongoing enterprise sufficient
to favorably settle the litigation.

IKEA. One of the worlds largest vertically integrated Furniture Manufacturer and Retailers. A strategic planning and marketing turnaround project, including analysis, recommendations and successful implementation of sales promotion, changes of catalogue timing and physical store layout.

The Custom, Inc. Vertically integrated national manufacturer/retailer of custom shirts and tailored clothing. Initially retained to consult in marketing, merchandising, store planning and development of Express Custom Tailors, a technology-based modular manufacturer/retailer of custom tailored clothing. Co-founded company and assisted through merger of assets with those of the Custom Shop, a national 50 store vertically-integrated chain of shirtmaker-clothiers. Consulting role in marketing, merchandising, real estate and store planning/development.

Kuppenheimer. A vertically integrated national menswear manufacturer/retailer. Consulting assignment for store analysis and marketing plan.

M. Allen. Independent menswear retailer. Retained to create an over-all strategic plan for financial restructure, turnaround, marketing, POS and A/R-credit card modification. Renegotiated previous arrangements for orderly reorganization.

Creeds of Canada. Canadian high fashion apparel specialty store. Assistance in analysis of position and negotiations for family interrelationships, financial restructuring, and vendor relations to organize orderly and favorable liquidation.

Piccolini. Independent childrenswear apparel specialty store. Analysis for relocation and creation of over-all strategic plan for financial restructure, turnaround, marketing, POS and A/R-credit card modification.

Café Lite. Restaurant chain. Location and layout analysis, strategic planning and marketing consulting.

*Dolce e Freddo. Italian gelati and espresso bar chain. Acquisition and expansion plan, new store design; product development of pint-package and implementation for retail grocery chain distribution.

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