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multi-product service companies:

FreshBrew Group. Vertically integrated distributor of single-brew coffee systems, custom coffee roasting, beverages and snacks vending for office services. Retained to assist in creation of start-up marketing plan and distribution system: develop strategic plan. Ongoing operational oversight and marketing consult. Manager Member, LLC.

DI Central, Inc. An electronic data interchange (EDI) software company with offices in the U.S. and Vietnam, the company services more than 400 clients including McKesson Pharma, Men's Wearhouse and JC Pennys, connecting with more than 2,500 suppliers throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Independent Member of the Board of Directors.

E-ndeavor Corporation. An international software and program management company creating unique dynamic scenario-driven models for utilities, financial companies, transportation systems and ports. Responsible for creating competitive route choice, demand, marketing and CO2 models for the Panama Canal Authority and the third lock expansion for 2014. Engaged to assist and consult on developing strategies and marketing for the company.

Stone Bond Technologies. A systems integration company specializing in streamlining interaction among business systems and data flow. Its patented Integration Integrity Manager and Enterprise Enabler systems cross industries and platforms to enhance operability and lower costs. Hazak provides business strategy planning, organization consulting, sales and marketing assistance for the company.

Santos Group. Assisted family group in dispute resolutions with partners in manufacturing facility and real estate public storage properties to amicably settle major disagreements and profitably dispose of assets.

Tec-Style Design LLC. Textile Computer-Aided Design Service Bureau.Assist with start-up business plan to renegotiate previous enterprise’s arrangements and organization; develop and successfully conclude venture capital efforts for new entity. Wind down company affairs on behalf of shareholders when potential was not achieved.

Heart of Texas Assisted Care Living Centers and the Harvest Community Centers. Engaged as a member of a three-man team to re-structure nine assisted care living and nursing homes in each of the two companies at different times. Taking both companies for financial problems and Chapter 11 Re-organization to successful turnaround for re-sale.

Networked Financial Systems. A Systems Integration company specializing in restaurant, manufacturing and distribution, and healthcare systems information technology solutions. Retained for general business consulting, negotiating, and strategic planning focus for company.

Texas Premium Waters. A five-gallon bottled water distribution company. Analysis of expansion plan, assisting in the creation of new strategies for financial structuring and marketing.

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