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energy and manufacturing companies:

NuTech Energy Alliance. A petrophysical process company that assists Petroleum companies in finding by-passed profitable hydrocarbon zones and establishes more certain oil and gas Reserves, as well as greater predictability in stimulating wells where necessary. Consultant for marketing and business strategy.

International Concrete Machinery, Inc. Concrete equipment rebuilding company. Development of organizational restructuring, business and marketing plan; renegotiating previous arrangements of former company Affiliated Service Group; close money-losing foreign operations; find and finance new and expanded location for re-focusing on core business; organize re-financing and successfully conclude venture capital efforts.

Clean Fuels, Inc. A petrochemical (gasoline oxygenates) company created to develop a petrochemical project for the manufacture of additives for government-mandated reformulated gasoline. Retained to assist in the organizational, financial and strategic planning, EPC Lump Sum Turn Key contract negotiations, real estate and environmental permit arrangements, feedstock negotiations.

WRT. Petrochemical equipment company. Strategic planning, marketing and financial consulting for interim stage development prior to transfer to NASDAQ.

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