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Marketing strategies

Marketing & marketing expansion: hazak can assist you in
re-positioning your company in the marketplace or simply find complementary introductions or new sales-promotion vehicles.

Overall market trends & interrelationships: Understand the varying consumer mindsets, cultural differences within and between organizations, geographical regions, and nationalities. Gain personal contacts of a multi-industry nature.

Start-ups: Starting up a new company or division? Hazak will test the business logic of the concept for the market place. We review the natural and necessarily competing forces of contention within the business (Personnel & Operations, Sales & Production, Marketing & Finance, for example) to insure the correct and appropriate balance.

Handling fast growth: Growing too fast to adequately handle all aspects of your business, yet don´t want full-time long-term staffing obligations? Hazak can step in and work out the challenges with you.

Strategic partnering or acquisitions: No time to study, look, or even see the advantages? We can take that function for you to analyze what and who best fits with your operation: working with you from screening the appropriate, targeted, and available candidates through negotiations and closing.

Legal complications turnarounds: Frustrations with no time or background to review contracts from the business point of view? Lawsuits filed that require litigation support or expert witness testimony? Hazak has experience in dealing with the many levels of legal morass from the business aspect.

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