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How HAZAK helps

Extending Brands
International Sates
Financial resources assistance
Starting a new company or division
Project analysis and implementation
Turnaround assistance with problem areas
Growth management: efficiency
Private Labeling Program
Catalogue & Internet Sales
“Bricks and Clicks” concerns
New Products & Re-positioning
Strategic partnering or Acquisitions
Leasing and Real Estate challenges
Legal complications and frustrations

We can assist you in determining your needs; help you find and implement solutions

Profitable niche
Hazak can help by finding & focusing on the profitable niche, while minimizing less productive areas and products.

“How to get out of the mess”
Hazak can help with analysis and recommendations for guidance on “how to get out of a mess”. We have special knowledge of family and privately held business challenges and how to handle the delicate interrelationships for all different parties best interests.

Achieving results
Hazak is adept at working out the most effective & economic means of achieving results by reviewing basic areas of business, where different types of consulting or outsourcing may be necessary:

business focus
products & brands
manpower & personnel
marketing & sales
long term strategy development

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