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Symptoms & Signals

Clear signals of a need to clarify problem definitions within the organization. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you need to call Hazak for help in the diagnosis and cure.

Symptoms for diagnosis:

Diminution of a market share
Lack of focus on your market niche
Flattening sales curve
Liability build-up
Expense explosion
Production shortfall
Excessive shrinkage
Internal staff bickering, turf warfare
Interpersonal skills – absence, abuse or misuse
Lack of relationship building
Inventory back up
Decreasing gross margin
Disregard for systems in operation
Lack of clarity in procedure and process
Avoidance of adherence to process
Decrease in quality standards
Uneconomical suppliers
Shrinking channels of distribution or customer base
Suppliers dictating terms
Unplanned cash flow shortages
Delivery delays or interruptions
Customer disaffection
Personnel turnover
Comparisons and analysis of sales revenues
Decline in square footage productivity
Culture clashes
Productivity declines
Peer interrelationships
Geographic sales limitations

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